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FAR-FLUNG[...] is a long-term research project and large-scale performance series driven by real-time data that explores the interconnectedness of humans and computers. It does so by questioning the very nature of physical and metaphorical interfaces and the interactions we conduct within them on a daily basis - knowingly or unknowingly.

Previously, in 2013 and 2015, two large-scale performances have been produced in the FAR-FLUNG series. Since 2016 the development of the third and last round of the project called FAR-FLUNG's (fx) form has started. It tells the story of our time, where everything we do is recorded, stored and re-contextualized. FAR-FLUNG's (fx) form is in itself modular, consisting of several modules to be developed over the course of three years. These modules are developed and staged as new works every time - rethinking / adapting / improving / programming further what was worked on before, and take different forms such as public research scenarios, performative installations, booklets, or development workshops, leading up to the final large-scale performance in 2019.

FAR-FLUNG's (fx) form - Module 1 has been presented at the Radical Networks Exhibition November 4-6, 2016. Part of a 10 part series the booklet invited the audience to draw an "answer" to three printed Web "pull-down" menu options juxtaposing keywords relating to networked culture and performance practice such as "randomness", "interactivity", or "algorithmic choreography"... The audience provided plenty of ideas; the collected drawings will play a role in a later module.

1 out of 10 Booklets of FAR-FLUNG's (fx) form - Module 1 was displayed at Radical Networks

FAR-FLUNG's (fx) form - Module 2 has been shown at Eyebeam on June 10, 2016. It invited the visitor into an "alert" space eager getting to know its audience. Taking note of the visitors' behavior it "rewarded" its audience with a performance based on their collected data...

Draft for FAR-FLUNG's (fx) form - Module 2, at Eyebeam, June 10

FAR-FLUNG's (fx) form - Module 3
Upcoming soon in 2018...
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FAR-FLUNG's (fx) form - The Final Module / FAR-FLUNG's (final) form
Presented in late 2019.