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When searching for the name Endlicher on the German language Google, one "Endlicher Automat" appears in a rather prominent position. What, and whose, automat is this? The English translation for this automat as a "finite state machine" defines it as a mathematical model of computation, a system which can only be in exactly one of a finite number of states (endlicher = finite) at any particular moment. In the installation ENDLICHER AUTOMAT the audience is invited to switch between two states, Michael's and Ursula's interpretations of basic human "states" in an endless interactive video loop. Enacting this simple computational rule in a performative take, the Endlicher siblings make this abstract machine "their" automat.

ENDLICHER AUTOMAT 1.0 is currently exhibited at "processing", a group show curated by Magdalena Stöger,
at GPLcontemporary in Vienna, from October 27 - November 24, 2017.

ENDLICHER AUTOMAT - Freude/Happiness
(State: Michael)

ENDLICHER AUTOMAT - Boshaftigkeit/Mischievousness
(State: Ursula)

ENDLICHER AUTOMAT - Freude/Happiness
Video Excerpt (State: Ursula-Michael)