Website Portrait Performances
Website Portrait Performances (WPPs) consist of graphical visualizations of the hyper-links
of a particular website which illustrate the link structure two levels down into it. How the website is written in HTML will define how the
links are displayed in the graphic. The grammar of one medium (HTML) is applied to another (graphic).

Furthermore these visualizations are read as so-called "dance notations". Each link is performed depending on how the individual node
is defined in the graphic. If a link shows seventy sub-links (HTML) for example, the performance ("dance") will consist of seventy
movements. Finally, each link selected by the user also simultaneously displays the real-time URL of the according page of the specific
website on a secondary monitor (installation) or window (web).

The "" Website Portrait Performance exists as interactive installation with "mouse-chair", projection, secondary
monitor and real-time web-feed. It also has a web-based version. Other web-based projects in this series are "" and

Website Portrait Performances are another manifestation of my ongoing interest and research in translating the Web's grammar into
other mediums, in this case by superimposing the link structure of a website onto a graphical representation and performances.
With the interactive mouse-chair I developed an interface that engages the whole body; a navigation device which expresses my
ongoing longing for alternative human-machine communication interfaces.