Website Impersonations: The Ten Most Visited is a Live Performance Series choreographed by Web code.
In the three performances of,, and, shown at the Performance Mix Festival at LMCC Swing Space@Seaport in April 2008, I invited several performers to join me. We practiced for a few weeks on the translation of movement directions (based on the Web code) into space and how they made most sense to all of us together, and I included, for the first time, html tags such as "right", "left", "center" etc. For me it was specially important to bring the html-movement-library, and related functionalities visibly stronger into the performance space: I had the live code/html tags projected on one wall, a video showing a "character" enacting tags such as "right" and "center" on another wall, and an accoustic mix filling the room with the live movement directions read out aloud by a computer voice, and simultaneoulsy, the live code interpreted into "html music". Different lights—based on the main color of the website—set the mood for each performance; the costumes of the performers mixed office/lab worker's coats with the protection of knee and elbow pads...

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 Website Impersonations: The Ten Most Visited  
 #1 -
 Showed at Performance Mix Festival,
 LMCC Swing Space @ Seaport, New York
 City, on April 5, 2008
 +3 Performers!