Website Impersonations: The Ten Most Visited  is  a Live Performance Series choreographed by Web code.
In the performance of  on December 11, 2008, five dancers, the audience, and the artist shaped together the course of the performance.
The source code of the website - its HTML tags - were interpreted live on stage into new dance movements, which were immediately translated into text-based descriptions and then stored online into the (text-based)  html-movement-library. This information was reused on stage as new instruction material. As the data performance progressed, more html-movements were developed, stored and altered by the participants.
The inclusion of the html-movement-library on stage enabled a simultaneous exchange of instruction and performance, data and movement input and output equally, and a continuous transfer between Web and body.

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Website Impersonations: The Ten Most Visited #6 -
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Layout of the performance space. Click to see a docu-movie of the show.     Click on thumbnails to view larger scale images.

The audience was lead into the "machine-room" of the Live/Web performance in small-scale groups of 5-10 people. The performance space consisted of three main areas: In the front area, the HTML tags of wikipedia's live Website were interpreted "on the fly" by a solo-dancer into movements. In the center area, these movements were interpreted into text and saved to the database. And in the third area, in the back, the already into descriptions interpreted movements were again translated into dance.

Corresponding to the main philosopy of Wikipedia, the public was invited to participate in the event. The audience could sit down (joining the artist) at the table of the html-movement-library, and entry their own interpretations of the solo-dancer's movements into the database. These entries were automatically integrated into the data transfer and became immediatley available for the performance. The audience was also invited to test the solo-dance area and create their own movement ideas.

The performance of wikipedia took place at LABfactory in Vienna, and was developed together with AIKO and her dance workshop (Yolanda Espinoza, Daniela Hofbauer, Eva Leopold, Paul Sezeny)

Full Production Credits.