Website Impersonations: The Ten Most Visited  is  a Live Performance Series choreographed by Web code.
In the performance of  on June 6, 2009, two dancers, two performers, and the audience, joined me to shape together the course of the show.
The source code of the website - its HTML tags - were interpreted live on stage into new dance movements, which were immediately translated into text-based descriptions and then stored online into the (text-based) html-movement-library. This information was reused on stage as new instruction material. As the data performance progressed, more html-movements were developed, stored and altered by the participants, and then recycled yet anew...
The inclusion of the html-movement-library on stage enabled a simultaneous exchange of instruction and performance, data and movement input and output, and a continuous transfer between Web and body.

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Website Impersonations: The Ten Most Visited #3 -
light layout


A new part of the performance/installation series by Ursula Endlicher.

The Code=The Choreography

Concept / Stage layout / Video projection / Sound: Ursula Endlicher
Web Programming: Ursula Endlicher, David Farine
Choreography: html-movement-library / live HTML code
Performer: Robert Appleton, Laura Meyers, Melissa Lohman, Yuki Kawahisa
html-movement-library live feed: Ursula Endlicher - and the audience!
Technical Assistance / Production Support: Lee Day

The performance of took place at an open studio event called studios on view in New York City on June 6, 2009.

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